lundi 10 décembre 2012

Welcome to the Big Apple - 3ème5 !

As you know it, from November 18th to November 27th, we'll be in New York ! So here's a little blog to prepare yourselves !

Do the activities, give your opinions but mostly, have fun !

Useful Vocabulary

Here are some cards with useful vocabulary for your trip to New York. Learn them and try some games on it!

Let's take the subway!

Are you able to locate yourself on the map ?

Try to note down each station we go to !

During the whole journey we'll be staying at the New York Loft Hostel, 249 Varet St., Brooklyn, NY,.

Check the trip planner and find an itinerary to go from our hostel to Central Park Zoo.

Trip Planner of New York

Note down which trains we will have to take in order to get there, as well as the minimum fare !

Map of New York City

This is a map of Manhattan !

Can you locate some of the places and museums we studied in class?

Where is Ellis Island?

Check their website: Ellis Island Official Website and gather as much information as possible about this place.

Then send an email to the museum look for the adress here and ask information about the opening hours, the prices for groups, the best time of the day to come visit the museum...

dimanche 9 décembre 2012

Thanksgiving Parade

Here is the itinerary of the Macy's Parade:

Map for the Macy's Parade

Listen and watch the video on Youtube:

Also read the Parade Tips on the following website:

Macy's Parade

Now answer some questions:

1) What's Thanksgiving?

2) Where and when does the parade take place?

3) Can you describe the itinerary?

4) What are the best conditions to enjoy the parade?

lundi 26 novembre 2012

Now debate!

Go to:

New York Save the Date

Look up the events that wil take place during our trip (November 18th - November 27th).

What's your favourite event? Note down some useful information such as prices, dates, opening hours...

We'll visit the events which get the most votes. Don't forget to list the pros and cons!

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Now talk!

Read what we studied about New York these last few days in class and present the city and your favourite monument (approximately 90 seconds).